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MIKES PIZZA   TASTE That's The Difference     879- 40 40
Mike’s Pizza is located at 50 West Town Street in West Jefferson Ohio

Mike is a lifetime resident of West Jefferson.  Mike began making pizza at age 14  at Mary’s Pizza.  After graduating from West Jefferson High School Mike attended Columbus State College and worked as assistant manager at a Zantigo Mexican restaurant in Columbus Ohio.

Mike loved the taste of Mary’s Pizza.  When Mike couldn't buy Mary’s Pizza he made his own pizza.
The pizza Mike makes is maybe even better than the Mary’s Pizza he loved.

In the beginning Mike, his children and Mom hand rolled the dough.  Mike’s Pizza now uses a dough roller.  Still each of Mike’s Pizzas is rolled to customer specifications. Some thin, some thick and some in between.  Tell Mike how you want your crust, if you don’t you get it Mike's way thin and crispy.  Mike adds no sugar to his sauce or dough.  Mike’s Pizza is custom Pizza.  Made your way.  

Pizza is King but
Mike's subs are the best in town. Mike's offers a whole menu of fried foods plus Tacos, Taco salad and Burritos.

Mike Delivers or you can Pick up.  If you are in the mood to eat out or want to have a small party Mike has seating available.
If you haven't tried Mikes please do. Call Mike’s at 879-40 40
Try Our Fantastic Reuben !
WEST JEFF (614) 879 - 40 40
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